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VashiWashi is what you need! If you are a crafter and you like to use washi tapes (decorative masking tapes) then you would like to have them really cool organized. This is where VashiWashi comes. It is a new product invented and manufactured in #machineshopnoukaris. It is made in Greece and it dreams of conquering the world of crafters. It has been developed from an idea to a whole family of products. Thank you and stay tuned because we are going big!

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Simple design

Simple lines, yet effective design makes it your right hand in srapbooking, crafting or decorating.

Effective use

Its circular movement, makes it easy to choose, add, remove or dispensing any tape you fancy any moment.

modular and upgradable

Designed to be modular and upgradable, will make it a classic and irreplacable, have it by your side, on your wall or under you topself on the workbench.

Quick loading

The wooden dowels so obvius but so genius sollution for an easy load of your collection pieces, from the smallest samples to the most common 60mm diam. tapes.

Why choose VashiWashi?

...for the minimal design, simplistic use, upgradable character, modular, and stardy construction. Impressive showcasing goes First!

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Our portfolio

Photography by Magdalene Livadioti.

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Washi wrapped candles
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VashiWashi logo crafting
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VashiWashi Greece
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Choose the models

VashiWashi started like one single unit and became a family of products, you can start from small and go big anytime you want...

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What our fans and clients say?

taopleasedontleaveexo : Wait what YOU invented that ? Omg i think i found an angel.

client image 1

planner_sophie : Can't wait to get a #vashiwashi and start my collection of #washitape.

client image 2

Rustyquilts : Loved your review! I don't have any washi tapes but after reading this, I may have to reconsider! Looks like a great tool to have!

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Vashiwashi is manufactured in a small family machine shop in Northern Greece in the city of Thessaloniki. Machine shop Noukaris is a specialized workshop that produces tools and dies for the production of industrial design products and the general processing of sheet metal parts. The workshop carries 30 years of experience over two generations, and it produces work that travels the globe.
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